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Improve Emotional Regulation in 7 Minutes Per Day 

I know this may sound surprising, but believe me when I say: You can improve your child’s ability to regulate their emotions in only 7 minutes per day. We are all busy and live hectic lives.  It can be hard to make time for new activities, especially if they are time-consuming.  But in only 7 minutes each day, you can improve emotional regulation and help your child encounter less stress and meltdowns.

6 Signs Your Home Needs More Structure + How To Use Structure To Help Your Child Thrive

For many children with autism, having a structured home environment helps them feel safe. Any uncertainty can cause major stress. This usually stems from not having a full understanding of how the world works.It can be difficult for children to maintain appropriate behavior during new, unfamiliar, or uncertain situations due to this behavior rigidity.

9 Signs of “High-Functioning” Autism (That I Missed)

Remember, if your child does some (or all) of the things on this list, it doesn’t mean they have autism. This post is about my personal experience. But if you are a parent reading this and wondering about your own child my advice is: always follow your gut. Voice your concerns to your child’s doctor. If I had followed my gut, we probably would have had an earlier diagnosis. This is how we experienced the signs of autism.