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How-to: Winter Glitter Jars

What’s inside this article: Step-by-step instructions for creating mesmerizing winter-themed glitter jars, along with an explanation of how to use them to help with emotional self-regulation. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Our elf was busy last night making winter-themed glitter jars to leave for the kids to find in the morning. These are a …

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Visual Discrimination: Shadow Matching Activities

What’s inside this article: Signs your child is struggling with visual discrimination. Plus, information about how shadow matching activities can improve visual discrimination, and free printables to help you get started. These shadow matching activities may seem incredibly simple, but they help develop visual discrimination skills and have many other benefits, too. These shadow matching …

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How Visual Sensory Processing Works

The visual system is part of the body’s central nervous system. This is the sensory system that allows us to see and process visual information. This post takes a look at how visual sensory processing works. Plus, learn to spot the signs that your child struggles with visual sensory processing, including signs and strategies for …

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