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What is Self Regulation?

Emotional self-regulation is the ability to manage your own emotions and impulses.

Self-regulation means your child can calm down and cope with their emotions all on their own. They can walk away from a frustrating situation. They can take deep breaths to calm down and then return to an activity or task.

They can even recover from a meltdown on their own.

This is a really tough skill to develop.

More often than not, we have to help our kids manage their emotions through a process called mutual regulation. This means they rely on your help to manage their emotions, they cannot use coping mechanisms on their own, and they can not control their impulses in emotional situations.

Emotional Regulation Strategies

It’s important for parents to find and use emotional regulation strategies that work for their child(ren). This is necessary for the development of self-regulation.

Strategies need to be developmentally appropriate, align with your family values, and they need to actually work and your child needs to be able to actually use the strategies when they need them.

The articles below contain strategies that help with self-regulation in various ways. Encouraging children to identify and manage powerful emotions, developing healthy coping skills.