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Teach Your Kids a Year of Math in 90 Days

This is my honest Elephant Learning review. Our use of this app is on-going but we’ve been using it now for about 6 weeks and both of my kids have progressed by at least 1 year in math.

If your child is struggling with math (and even if they aren’t), this app will not just help them, it’s guaranteed that your child will learn a year of math in 90 days.

And they only need to practice for 30 minutes per week.

Learn a Year of Math in 90 Days – Elephant Learning App Review

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

In my hunt for learning resources for my child, I discovered Elephant Learning Math Academy.

Elephant Learning is an app that your kids can play on a phone, tablet, or computer.

As soon as I saw their claim that your child would learn at least a year of math in 90 days, I signed up right away.

I’m going to share my experience with this app so far and give you an idea of what their dashboard and progress reports look like.

About The App

Here are just a few quick things you should know:

  • When your child first starts playing there is an assessment period to see what they know and what they need to learn, so in the beginning, the questions mat seem really easy. This is why.
  • The recommended playtime per week is only 30 minutes. This means your child can learn math by playing for 10 minutes per day, 3 days per week.
  • The app will assign an “elephant age” for your child – this is basically what age level their math skills currently are. The elephant age will display next to their actual age in the dashboard.
  • The app tracks your child’s elephant age over time so you can view their progress quickly by looking at the chart.
  • The dashboard also offers parents in-depth explanations about each learning outcome, shows where your child is excelling and where they’re struggling, and offers activities and worksheets you can print and use to help them if they’re struggling.
  • They even have a customer service department where you can call for advice about teaching if you need to.
  • You can create profiles for three children on a single subscription with no extra costs.
  • They have a scholarship program available if you need financial assistance to cover their tuition. You can apply for the scholarship here.

How Does Elephant Learning Teach Math?

The activities on the elephant learning app were created by early education experts at the University of Denver.

They teach the math concepts and then your child uses those concepts to solve puzzles. Each concept slowly builds upon the last, helping your child progress to more complex math concepts.

It presents ideas to your child in many different ways, because there are many different ways to represent mathematics. This ensures your child develops an actual understand of what they’re learning.

What Happens When Your Child Gets Stuck on Something?

Before I signed up for the app, I read about what happens in this situation. They loop back to earlier concepts and try again to help your child understand.

But, then I got to watch this happen first hand with my son.

He was having a tough time with his 9 times table. After he was unable to complete a couple puzzles that needed the times table it went back to asked him to give him 9 tigers (your child picks from tons of objects when they play so they can use something they like)

He was easily able to drag and drop 9 tigers on the screen.

Then it asked for 9 more, and asked him how many he had. He answered 18 and it said “Excellent 9 x 2 = 18”

It did this drag and drop and counting activity with him several times then went back to the original puzzle.

This time he was able to solve the puzzle successfully.

The app will follow this type of process each time your child struggles so you don’t have to worry about it progressing to a point where it’s too hard for them.

Sign-Up for Elephant Learning

The Elephant Learning Dashboard

I’m going to show you some screen shots of the dashboard for my kids profiles so you can see how detailed all the information is that they give you.

The first thing you see is a quick view of their elephant age, actual age, and play time for that day.

The dashboard also includes a visual of your child’s progress (elephant age) and how it’s progressed over time.

That looks like this:

You’ll also see a list of the math concepts your child is currently working on. It shows the percentage of that concept that they’ve completed, and it’ll be color coded to let you know how they’re doing.

screen shot from elephant learning dashboard

You can see everything my son is working on here. They all have a green circle beside them except for understanding fractions on a number line.

The green means everything is great! Your child is understanding these concepts. The red circle means they need some help understanding the concept.

It won’t move on to a new subject while your child is still in the red for a particular concept.

Plus if your child’s struggling they’ll let you know what you can do as a parent to help your child learn this skill.

Finally,it offers an in-depth explanation of each milestone and what your child is working on, plus their progress. I’ve been downloading the progress report and forwarding it to my kids’ teachers.

You can also try any of the puzzles your child is working on yourself in the parent dashboard.

elephant learning screen shot from app store

Sign-Up for Elephant Learning

How to Teach Your Child a Year of Math in 90 Days - This app guarantees your child will learn at least a year of math within 90 days or they'll refund your subscription fee. Check out my elephant learning review now. #Math #LearningAtHome #HomeSchool #ElephantLearning #EducationalApps #LetsLearn #Childhood

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