How Weekly E-mails Are Helping Us Have Success In School

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For those who don’t know, my son struggled with school a lot last year. He was sent home nearly daily and we had a large team involved in helping up find a way to make school successful for him. By the end of the year we were still struggling significantly. When he started 2nd grade this September we started him on a reduced schedule. He currently attends school from 830 am to 11 30am, and is slowly working up to full days.

So when I came across these free parenting e-mail series from Boys Town, it was a no brainer for me to sign up for the Success in School Series . Although there have been improvements this year, we still struggle and I know he has the potential to do amazing in school.

first day of school

Boys town sends out e-mails once a week through their series with information for parents. They have topics for all ages and challenges and can help you with whatever you are struggling with. The biggest challenge for us is homework.

Since he leaves school so early he has a ton of homework to complete at home — and getting it done is a nightmare.

The Boys Town Email Series has already helped me with some useful tips for making homework more enjoyable. Like coming up with a homework plan, taking breaks, and having a fun reward at the end. Today while I was helping him with his writing, which is his least favorite subject, we even ended up laughing together!

today’s homework

It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling with a toddler having tantrums, a teenager that you aren’t sure how to discipline, or anywhere in between, there is something for you.

There’s tons of other great information on the site too, including printable lists, and a history of ADHD. I found a great tip on helping my daughter deal with stress by getting her to imagine and draw her dream bedroom. It helped to keep her mind off things.

Visit Boys Town’s Website and Sign up for one of their e-mail series today.

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That was my #parentingwin for the week. What was yours?