Meltdown Free Public Outing Planner




Whenever you are taking your kiddo somewhere, it’s important to plan ahead. Children with autism need to know what to expect.

As much as possible, include your child while writing the plan. Have a reward or two in mind before talking to them, but include their ideas too.

Involving your child in planning an outing will make them feel included and as though their opinion is valued. They will also know exactly what to expect and feel like they’ve been given some power over what happens to them.


There are six simple steps to planning an activity outside your home to avoid  public meltdowns:
  1. Choose the location
  2. Give your child choices
  3. Plan ahead for interruptions
  4. Do a trial run
  5. Give the promised reward
  6. Assess the plan and make changes, if necessary

Download a copy of the printable 3-page planner to use with your child.


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