ADHD Treatment Monitoring




It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting a new treatment plan, or you’ve been following the same one for a while. It’s important to monitor and assess if your child’s ADHD treatment is working.

How the symptoms of ADHD are managed is a very individualized experience. There is no one treatment or medication that works for everyone. And it’s rare you and your doctor will get things right on the first try. Most of the time treatment involves trying several different options until you discover which one is the best fit.

Treatment can include a combination of therapies, medications, supplements, and parent education. This is decided based on individual needs. You and your child’s doctor will work together to decide on what treatments to use to manage your kiddos ADHD symptoms.

After you have decided on a treatment plan it’s important to follow it consistently and monitor the efficacy of the plan.

Please read about monitoring ADHD treatment plans here for full details about the log.

Download the printable log below to track your child’s treatment. It can be hard to remember everything when you get to the doctor’s office after several weeks or months.

Each component of the log is given a value (by you) on a scale of one to ten. Each day, combine together to get your treatment plan’s total score out of 100. If you’re consistently getting low scores or scores begin dropping lower and lower over time after being stable – then you know you need to discuss options with your doctor.


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