How I Made $75 on Swagbucks This Month

Earn Money Online With Swagbucks
Swagbucks is a website that offers members points called swag bucks (SB) for completing offers and activities online. This offers include surveys, downloading aps, visiting websites, watching videos, etc. It is probably the largest paid survey website online. Swagbucks also offers cash back on online purchases from many retailers.

Is It Legit?

In short, yes. I registered for swagbucks on July 12 2017, and have made $75 in just under a month and I’m going to show you how. There are tons of free ways to earn points, contests, and chances to earn bonuses. You aren’t going to get rich but It is very possible to earn some extra money. I redeemed my points for pay pal gift cards, but you can choose from gift cards from online retailers as well. Amazon gift cards usually require about 20% less points to redeem than actual cash through pay pal.

How Did I Make $75?

I’m going to break it down for you.

1. Sign Up With A Referral

First of all, you want to sign up with a referral. Being referred by someone else gives you a chance to earn a 300-500 point bonus (which is worth $3- $5). Without being referred you will miss out on these bonus points.

Join Swagbucks!

After you sign up, verify your e-mail and complete your profile. You will be rewarded points for doing this and it is necessary before you can claim any rewards, as well.

2. Complete The Daily To-Do List

When you complete all of the tasks in the daily to-do list you will receive bonus points for completing the list. Your to-do list looks like this:

It will update automatically as you complete the tasks. I have been able to finish my list everyday without doing any paid offers.

3. Take the Daily Poll Answer Surveys

Everyday there is a new question for the daily poll and you will be rewarded 1 SB for answering it. This is also part of the to do list.

It may seem hard to qualify for surveys but there are new surveys added to the answer section on swagbucks everyday. It is worth it to go through them all and try, I usually qualify for at least one a day. Once I do qualify and get the checkmark on my to-do list for completing a survey I do not usually do anymore that day.

4. Complete Your Daily Goal

You get two daily goals per day, a lower valued one and a higher valued one. You only need to complete the first, lower goal, to qualify for the bonus. If you have answered a survey and finished your to-do list you will get your goal every day. Bonus points can be collected in the beginning of the next month.

You can see in the image below that today I have completed both of my goals.

5. Participate In Special Offers

The best free offer on swagbucks right now is through Tangerine Banking.

If you make a savings account with tangerine banking you earn 2000 SB. This is equal to $20. Signing up for Tangerine is totally free. You do not need to deposit any money into your new savings account to be rewarded the 2000 SB.

What I have personally chose to do is deposit all of my SB earnings into my tangerine account to save. I plan to transfer all my earnings to my regular bank account near Christmas and use it to shop for my kids this year, but that’s not necessary.

6. Take Part in Monthy Contests Like Swago

Swago is basically a swagbucks bingo board with activities to do, like visiting websites. You can submit your board when you are finished to earn bonus SB. Last month was a big swago – I earned 300 bonus points, and 1500 entries into a draw for $1000. This month’s swago is only for a 25 SB bonus, but the tasks are much easier  to complete.

7. Other Tips for Earning on Swagbucks

  • If you’re going to be shopping online anyways, first check to see if the website offers cashback through swagbucks.
  • Follow the swagbucks Facebook page to find codes for more bonus SB.
  • Sign up to have surveys sent to your e-mail – these ones are hand picked for you and usually offer a larger reward
  • Check out the discover content section and peanut labs section each day
  • Refer your friends – getting your friends to sign up and earn SB too gives you both a chance to earn the 500 SB bonus!

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