Is Your Child A Flight Risk? These Two Free Kits Could Save Their Life

Autism-Flight-RiskWandering in children with autism is not only dangerous, and terrifying, it’s also very common. Many parents receive no help with how to deal with a child who is a flight risk.

How Common Is Wandering?

A study in the journal Pediatrics  published staggering statistics about children on the autism spectrum being a flight risk.

  • 49% of parents reported their child wandered away atleast once (compared to 11% of parents with neurotypical children).
  • 53% of these children were missing long enough to cause their parents significant worry.
  • 65% of incidents involved a close call with traffic.
  • 24% of incidents involved a close call with drowning.
  • 43% of parents reported that their child was a significant enough flight risk that it interferes with their ability to sleep at night.

These statistics are terrifying.  If your child has ever wandered off I am sure you are familiar with the horrible sinking feeling inside your gut. My son is a flight risk. Last year at school (being 6 years old at the time), he ran off from school through a biking trail in the woods just off school property. This trail lead him up to the side of the highway where he started walking on the gravel near the traffic. A teacher saw him run and was not far behind him, thank goodness. He needed to be physically carried back to the school. He most often runs in situations where he is feeling anxious.


The Child Safety Kit

It is so important to be ready if a situation ever occurs where your child goes missing. The faster you react the better. You can get a free child safety kit . The kit can be an invaluable resource to law enforcement in a worst case scenario.  There is absolutely no cost for the safety kit. A limited number are given out every month so if you are unable to get one, check back after the first of the month.

Child Safety Kit for Missing or Flight Risk Children

The Big Red Safety Box

This is another amazing, free resource for families. It is available to US residents only. It comes with items to help you set up your home to prevent wandering, including two wireless door alarms. Click on the photo below to visit their website and request your box.

Big Red Safety Box for Flight Risks

If your child is a flight risk, sign up for these two free products today. Prevention, and readiness, can help reduce the risk of wandering and our children ending up in dangerous situations.