Fidget Spinner Alternatives

They’ve become so over rated! Here, try these fidget spinner alternatives instead.

Why should you or your child use a fidget? Fidgeting distracts that part of the brain that’s bored, so you can focus better on what you’re reading, seeing, or hearing.

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1. Busy Fingers Marble Maze

fidget spinner alternatives
The Busy Fingers Marble Maze features two soft plush mazes, each filled with pellets and one marble. Move the marble back and forth throughout the maze and around the pellets to focus and engage attention. Portable for on-the-go fun!

2. Bug Out Bob

fidget spinner alternatives
Stressed out? Don’t bug out…let Bob do that for you! Bug-Out Bob is a soft and pliable squeeze toy whose eyes, nose, and ears all pop out when you squeeze him. Squeezing Bug-Out Bob is a fun and rewarding way for kids and adults to relax, develop hand and finger strength, and learn about cause and effect. This product contains latex.

3. Reggie Regulator

Fidget Spinner Alternatives
It’s a ruler! It’s a fidget toy! It’s a mood regulator!
This ruler can multitask like a working mom! Our 12″ Reggie Regulation Ruler helps kids self-regulate by answering that big question: How am I feeling today, and what am I going to do about it? Kids squoosh the cool gel ‘til the little swimmer dude lands at the feeling they’re feeling, where they’ll find suggestions for a purposeful activity to match their mood. Hyper? Exercise. Alert? Grab a book. Reggie helps everything from sensory integration to emotional development.

4. Spikey Sensory Fidget Rings

Fidget Spinner Alternatives
Whether in search of a new fidget toy or tactile / sensory toy, our spiky sensory finger rings are perfect. Roll them up and down your fingers for a fun, unique sensation – they’re perfect for sensory and tactile stimulation!
Made with 100% high-quality stainless steel with an anodized coating, they are strong, durable and safe for kids and adults. They create plenty of pressure and sensation through the acupressure process. Pack of ten means you can take them everywhere!

5. Cuberspeed Fidget Ball

fidget spinner alternatives
A Rainbow ball puzzle! The puzzle ball might look simple at first, but this fun addictive puzzle will keep kids busy for long periods of time.
Exercises your memory and hands on skills is a perfect educational toy that will keep anyone busy for long periods of time .

6. Dodecagon Fidget

fidget spinner alternatives
This fidget toy has 12 sides guaranteed to keep your hand busy. Perfect gift for clickers, flickers, rollers and spinners.
Sides includes Gears, Buttons, Joystick, Switch, Soothes, and Stress Balls, Disk, Silicone balls, Joystick. Release your body and mood and help you focus on your work or study.

7. Stretch and Squeeze Ball

fidget spinner alternatives
Beyond being an awesome fidget toy, these squishy balls are awesome stress relievers and hand strengtheners at the same time.
Suitable for kids and adults of course, they will surely ameliorate your moody days, uplift your spirit and make you feel good and confident about yourself again.
Touch one elastic calming ball, squeeze it, pull it, shape it and forget the world around you! At last that peace and quiet you truly deserve!

8. Emoji Poo Spinner

fidget spinner alternative
Okay , so maybe this technically is still a spinner, but it’s a poo emoji spinner! Who can resist? Totally unique compared to the regular spinners, and fun!

9. Infinity Cube

fidget spinner alternatives
The Infinity Cube is a series of perpetually transforming blocks that are great for fidgeting with. When folded in a certain way, the blocks will perpetually fold in a series of repeating patterns.

10. Tangle & Relax

fiidget spinner alternatives
Twistable therapy device with a new ergonomic approach to stress relief and hand therapy, mold them into whatever you’d like. Each Tangle is made up of a chain of curved sections that twist and turn into endless configurations. Each section can be taken apart and snapped back together.


Fidget Spinner Alternatives