Easy Peasie Veggie Blends For Picky Eaters – Product Review

easy peasie veggie blendsDo you wish your child would eat more veggies? Easy Peasie Veggie Blends is committed to providing families a simple, natural, and convenient way to improve kids’ meals with added vegetable nutrition. This small business was founded by two sisters, who developed this product so they could make it easier for us mom’s get our kids to eat better.

Easy Peasie provided me with a free sample of their product to use with my own children and write this review. If you purchase this product I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions shared in this article are my own. 

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What Is Easy Peasie?

easy peasie veggie blends

It is dried, powdered vegetables with a mild taste. It’s designed to be discreetly added into children’s meals to give them a little extra nutrition and to aid with palate priming. Which basically means repeatedly exposing your child to the mild vegetable taste may slowly lead to food acceptance.

How Did I Use Easy Peasie?

Since I received my sample, I have basically been adding Easy Peasie into our dinners every evening. I have used it in dishes such as spaghetti, shepherd’s pie, mac & cheese, tacos, mashed potatoes, soup, apple sauce , etc. My kids haven’t noticed a different taste to their meals at all.

I even used it in my daughter’s birthday cake! She has a severe vegetable aversion and won’t go near food that has even touched veggies. But, not only did she not notice – everyone at her party loved the cake. It was so delicious, no one would ever know I mixed vegetables in it.

My last test was trying Easy Peasie in a drink. I actually thought for sure that my son would notice this one because he is very perceptive  to small changes in the flavour of his food already, especially drinks. Also, when I added  the Easy Peasie to the kids’ chocolate milk you could see a few little flakes even though I stirred their drinks extremely well.  But they didn’t notice at all! Check out my review video below.

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easy peasie veggie blends