Which Zone Are THEY In?

This game is a lot like the first game, only this time there are different images on the cards of various characters’ faces.

The goal of the game is for your child to analyze the character’s face to determine which zone they’re in.

Then they should place the image on top of the correct color zone.

This game helps children with perspective-taking and encourages them to pay attention to and recognize, how other people are feeling.


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  • Great!

    Absolutely creative, useful and amazing for kids! I use it as a resource in therapy and I love it.

  • What Zone are THEY in?

    Simple, quick and versatile.

  • Which Zones are They In?

    Great Resource! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  • ZONES of Regulation

    Thanks–great visual and will use with my students when assisting with feelings and regulation.

  • Perfect for my littles

    This is great for my smaller kiddos. Great visual and very simple for them to use :)

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