Self-Awareness Worksheet: “When I Feel Sad” Activity for Kids

Big emotions can be scary and confusing for children. If kids don’t understand what’s happening when they experience strong emotions, or that it’s normal, then coping and self-regulation is that much harder. 

Two key elements to social-emotional learning are self-awareness and self-monitoring. This worksheet helps kids develop those skills surrounding the emotion of sadness. 

Sadness is a tough one for children to deal with.

This activity is a great starting point and can serve as a conversation starter for parents and teachers. You can help children learn coping skills and communication skills that are unique to them by going over their answers together.

There are no right or wrong answers to the worksheet. It’s designed to get children thinking about their thoughts and feelings when they’re experiencing sadness. 


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  • Great product

    this was very helpful in helping me teach Zones online.

  • Good item

    Good item

  • Self Awareness: When I feel sad.

    Simple and perfect!

  • Yes! Was looking for this!

    You know when you’re looking online and the perfect thing comes along? This is it! Such a perfect illustration of our different needs when sad. Great conversation starter and gets my smaller kids thinking.

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