Visualization Poster

Visualization can be a helpful coping strategy for some children.

It involves closing your eyes and imagining yourself in a safe and relaxing environment.

You can guide children to close their eyes and do this by directing them to think about the things they would be able to see, hear, smell, and feel in their favorite place.

This poster is a helpful reminder that you can hang in their bedroom or a calming corner in your home.


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  • Love this!

    Visualization is a great tool to help kids self-regulate. This is a colorful, helpful poster to guide them through this process. Thank you!

  • visualization poster

    This is a great visual reminder for the calm spot. I plan to teach it to my kinders and place it in the calm spot.

  • SOO HAPPY to have found this!

    Yesssss, soo happy! I am not very creative and wrote instructions similar to this on a word document. I tried to jazz it up but it wasnt as nice as this! I LOVE this! I’m going to frame it and put in on my desk so the kids can see it when they need it.

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