Social Distancing Social Story

This 6-page social story is written to help young children understand social distancing.

It explains that we have to do things a bit differently right now to keep everybody safe, and reassures them that it’s only temporary, that their parents will take care of them, and lists some activities they can do.

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  • Social Distancing

    Short sentences, right to the point, great visuals.

  • Social story social distancing

    Great for a child with adhd and asd returning to school

  • Great

    Wanted to leave a review as it’s good and actually free. Printed it off. Ideal for children on the spectrum. Thanks

  • Social Distancing Social Story

    What a great resource. I will definitely be sharing it with some families. Great images and content.

  • social distancing

    Well presented and very clearly explained. A brilliant resource for kids.

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