shadow matching printables

Shadow Matching Worksheets

shadow matching printables

These shadow matching printables are really simple to use. Your child just draws a line from a colored illustration to the “shadow” of the same illustration, matching up a total of four images per sheet with their shadow.

This surprisingly simple activity has tons of benefits for children.

  • Helps develop visual discrimination
  • Helps children learn their letters
  • Builds vocabulary
  • Develops a base for early math skills

How to Use:

Depending on your child’s skill level there are a few ways you can use these activities.

  • After printing, you can simply have your child draw lines from each image to its shadow.
  • If your child struggles to do this, try covering 3 of the 4 images with a sheet of paper asking them to only look at one image at a time and go down the row of shadows one at a time to find the match. Over time as your child’s skills improve you should be able to uncover more images.
  • Cut out the images and get your child to actually lay them on top of their shadow. Show them that when the object is on top of the correct shadow it completely covers it.

Read the full post about visual discrimination here.


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  • Awesome for visual discrimination

    I was looking for something like this for days. Great for children of different ages to stimulate their brain by working on visual discrimination.

  • Shadow matching worksheets

    Simple to difficult progression
    Beautiful graphics, professional quality presentation
    nice variety of categories
    would be very appealing to child

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