Printable Emotion Wheel for Kids

Use this emotion wheel to teach kids how to identify their emotions. Based on the Zones of Regulation.
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  • Emotions wheel

    Great for teaching self awareness and self- regulation. Thanks.

  • Top

    Great and easy

  • Easy to Use

    easy and versatile.

  • Great for teens too!

    I’m a high school teacher and I used this at the beginning of a check-in for 9th grade students about their feelings on the curfews, protests, and looting happening around the country right now. It gave them a way to say more than “fine” when asked how they were feeling, thank you!

  • Terrific Resource

    This wheel is a fantastic visual of the range and types of emotions. Being on a wheel can emphasise that Our emotions change over time and we don’t need to get ‘stuck’ on just one emotion. Thank you for a brilliant resource. It will get a lot of use!

  • great product

    this is a great visual. great to use in conjunction with the Zones of Regulation program.

  • Printable Emotion Wheel for Kids

    Exactly as it looks. Easy to follow and introduce visual for explaining the different emotions that fall into each zone. My only request is that one day small faces or emojis are added as a secondary visual reference for those younger/delayed learners to use when the reading is too overwhelming.

  • Love it!

    This has come in handy for my smaller kiddos. Not only is it a good and simple emotions wheel but it helps them put it into perspective of Zones. I’m so happy to find this – the kids like it!

  • Emotion wheel for kids

    This has already come in so handy for my 7yr old Boy ASD Level 2 possible ADHD!
    This Website is AMAZING!! So many helpful resources.

    THANK YOU!!!

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