Free printable game for building gross motor skills

Printable Activity Cards & Dice – Gross Motor Skill Game

Please read this post for full details about this activity.Free printable game for building gross motor skills

What’s Included:

The printable includes one template for creating the dice to play and 16 animal-movement based activity cards.

How To Play The Game

Animal Gross Motor Game

  1. Print and Prepare the printable

    Print out the full document which is available to download: here Cut out all of the cards and place them face down in a pile. Cut out the cube fold along the lines and use tape or glue on the tabs to put it together. Now, you’re ready to play.

  2. Roll the dice

    Players will take turns rolling the dice. Whichever number the player lands on will be the number of reps, or the number of seconds, that the player will do the gross motor movement.

  3. Draw a card

    Next, draw a card from the pile and flip it over to find out which activity you will be doing.

  4. Do the animal movement

    Now you will perform your animal movement for the time/reps specified by the dice. For example, if you rolled a 25, and the butterfly stretch card, you will do the butterfly stretch for 25 seconds. If you rolled a 10 and pulled the starfish jump card, you will do 10 starfish jumps.

  5. Place your card at the bottom of the pile

    When you’re finished, place your card face down at the bottom of the card pile so that everyone playing can take turns drawing cards for as long as they like.


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  • Work break

    Great game to play when your child needs a break from working!

  • Don't under stand

    I tryed to play this game but i don’t under stand where you get the cards. So don’t play THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Autumn, When you submit your e-mail to download this file, it will download it as a ZIP file. You’ll need to extract the file and there is a PDF inside that contains the cards. Then you just print them off and cut them out. I hope this helps. But if you can’t figure out how to unzip the file – if you go to “My Account” which is in the top menu – you’ll be able to see all of your downloads and you can re-download only the cards from there and they won’t come as a zip file if you use that method. I hope this helps fix the problem and you can enjoy the game. Nicole

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