Preventing & Responding to Meltdowns – Evidence-Based Strategies for Parents

This 48  page PDF document is an in-depth look at how to prevent meltdowns and builds upon the information found in this blog post. 

  • Anatomy of a Meltdown
    – A comprehensive breakdown of the elements of a meltdown. Explanation of best techniques to use at each stage.
  • Proactively preventing meltdowns
    – Teaching calming techniques and self-regulation skills
  • Triggers
    – Warning Signs
    -Common triggers
    -Intervention strategies
  • Supporting Your Child Through Meltdowns
     Intervention techniques during meltdowns
    – Ensuring Safety
  • Post-crisis recovery
    -What to expect
    -How to re-direct child back to routine
    -Discussing behavior and consequences
  • Setting  expected behavior
    – Teaching what is expected
    – Communication best practices
    – Creating opportunities for success
    -Developmentally appropriate expectations
  • When and how to make environmental modifications
    – Types of modifications
    – How to use visual supports
  • Teaching replacement behaviors
    – Expanding functional communication skills
    -Social stories
    -Sensory Play
  • Should you use restraint or seclusion?
    – When to use
    – Safety precautions
    – When to discontinue
  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
  • Safety Plan Template 

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