Our Family Rules

Having clear family rules can help children to become more cooperative at home. When a few simple and concise rules are displayed at home and reinforced it can help kids feel less like their parents are ordering them around, and more like they’re being held to the same expectations as everyone in your household.  Download and print our family rules.

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Then, hang them up and reference them regularly when addressing behavior expectations.

For example, “The rules of the family state that everyone must respect one another. When we can’t do that, we need to go have some alone time in our rooms until we feel ready to be respectful again”

Family rules help add more structure to your home. Without a structured environment and routine children may experience severe anxiety. Consequently, they may experience more frequent meltdowns. So then they may attempt to control all situations in order to cope. For example, they may create and insist on following their own ritualistic routines. Or, they may be extremely insistent on using certain objects like only the blue cup, only the red shirt, only watching one TV show. 

Family rules can also help children who are oppositional, or who have Pathological Demand Avoidance, to be more cooperative. 

Hang these on your fridge or family command center and review them regularly with your children. I recommend using self-adhesive laminating sheets to protect your rules after you print them.


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