Expressing Anger

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This is a 22-page booklet designed to teach children respectful ways to express their anger. This should be an adult-led activity and is appropriate for kids ages 7-12.

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The booklet includes:

  • Anger is normal – Short script explaining that anger is a normal emotion that everyone experiences
  • What does anger feel like? – A list of common physiological responses to anger
  • When I get Angry activity – An activity to help kids recognize their own responses to anger
  • When you are mad – Do you ever get mad at yourself?
  • Negative ways to express anger and how that affects others
  • Positive ways to express anger
  • Being Assertive vs Being Aggressive
  • Calming strategies
  • “My Calming Strategies” activity – make your own poster of calming strategies
  • Triggers -Script and discussion questions to help children identify what “pushes their buttons”
  • Is it really anger? Script and discussion questions about using anger to mask other emotions like embarrassment, jealousy, guilt, etc.
  • Talking about anger – I statements – 2 activities and a script
  • Your words are powerful – Script to help children understand how their words can impact others, and a “Your words are powerful” coloring page.

Sample Pages:

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  • I am so happy with the Expressing Anger resources that I purchased. They will be amazing to use for a variety of the children I am supporting.

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