Dinosaur Workout for Kids

One of the keys to raising kids to have healthy lifestyles is to make exercise fun! Get their bodies moving and get moving with them using this fun dinosaur themed workout for kids.

Includes printer-friendly instructions.

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  • Diinosaur workout

    Fun workout!
    I only wish we had the option of printing bigger sizes

  • Dinosaurs Workout

    I teach elementary P.E. and found this activity along with many more amazing activity ideas on this website. I am planning to use the Dinosaur Workout in my P.E. class because creating activities that help with social distancing while moving and playing can be challenging, and this will be a great resource to help with this but also it sound fun and exciting. I will review again after I try it with my K-5 students.

  • Dice Game

    I created a fun play movement game by cutting up the poster and adding to a pocket cube dice. This can be done as a large or small group activity.

  • Thank you!

    I love it and so do my clients! Thank you!

  • Dinosaur Poster

    My children in my classroom love working out, dancing, movement and creative exploration. the Dinosaur poster is a nice addition.

  • Dinosaur workout for kids

    My dinosaur loving 4 year old LOVED making this workout part of our family’s school day! So much fun!

  • Kids love dinosaurs!

    Kids love the dinosaur graphics and engaging in the dino-themed movements. We used these movements with a spinner to make it a game. Great fun!

  • Dinosaur Workout

    What an amazing resource! I was so happy to have stumbled across this gem. I am a PE teacher and this will be a great online activity for my Prep students! Thanks so much :D

  • Dinosaur 8 Minute Work Out ROARS!

    I know my kinder-bears are going to love taking brain breaks and body breaks with this cute activity. What a perfect way for little bodies to move around our classroom or outside for some much needed motion. Thank you for the cute graphics and the T-Rex-errific way to keep my kinder-bears active and focused.

  • My kids LOVED it!

    It’s been difficult to motivate my kids to do P.E at home but this was great for getting them excited and making it fun!

  • Dinosaur workout for kids

    I have so many little preschoolers and elementary school kids that love these exercises. Thanks so much!

  • Dinosaur Yoga

    I love dinosaur yoga can’t wait to use it with my Pre-K students. My students love dinosaurs.

  • Dinosaur Workout for Kids

    This workout will be a great addition to my classroom. I like the easy to understand language. Printing was an issue, at first, but I was sent a second workable link.
    It printed clearly and will be laminated easily for class use.

  • Dinosaur Workout for Kids

    Love this! The dinosaur theme is perfect for kids. Keeps exercise fun.

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