Barrier Games Bundle

This bundle contains three fun themed barrier games.

  • Under the Sea
  • Winter Wonderland
  • At the Farm

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How to Play

Two or more players sit around a table with a barrier set up so they cannot see each other’s materials. Every player will have the exact same materials in front of them.

Each player takes turn giving a specific direction on how to arrange the materials in front of them. This is done per the child’s ability level, so depending on the child’s individual skill, instructions may be simple or complex.

Absolutely no visual cues are given. At the end of the game, the goal is for everyone’s materials to be set up the same way.

What Skills Can Be Targeted

There are so many skills you can work on with your child by playing barrier games together. You can manipulate the game to work on your own specific goals.

Some examples of things you can work in include:

  • Listening skills (receptive language understanding)
  • Following directions
  • Turn-taking
  • Understanding propositions (in, out, under, over, next to, etc.)
  • Expressive use of adjectives such as size, color, shape, etc.
  • Expressive use of nouns, verbs, adverbs, etc.
  • Ability to follow multi-step directives, and to give multi-step directives
  • Ability to ask questions/clarification of directions

What You Will Need:

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