Kids’ 7 Minute HIIT Workout Poster

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This is a printable version of the 7 Minute animal-themed HIIT workout for kids.

Stuck inside? Help your children burn their energy off with this workout.

This workout is used by parents, teachers, and occupational therapists! Kids love it!

This workout was created to help kids with self-regulation by using it as a quick but intense movement break. 

Read the full article to learn more about how exercise improves self-regulation skills: Improve Emotional Regulation in 7 Minutes Per Day

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  • Won’t print

    Looks like a great idea but I can’t get it to print? The download link isn’t working.

    • Hey Megan, Certain devices seem to block the auto download of the workout, so I just e-mailed you a copy of it :) enjoy!

  • Super fun!!! Thank you!!!!

    Awesome posters!!! My kids will love this.

  • HIIT workout- HIT with all kids!!

    amazing resource thank you x1000!!

  • HIIT for kids

    Thank you so much for this free printable! I will be using it with kids in foster care as well as some teens I work with in a foster group home setting. Looks like a great source for getting the energy out and the adrenaline pumping as well as improve the emotions.

  • 7 minute workout

    What a great little work out for both the students and myself. I often find myself sitting and getting up and moving with these activities with the students was definitely one that got my heart racing.

  • Teacher

    I love this workout. I will be using it for my pre-k classroom this week. Thanks for your gift.

  • So fun!

    Quick and easy visual to engage younger children in a variety of movement activities-they LOVED the animals!

  • 7 Minute HIIT poster

    Love it! I try it today with my toddler class and they had so much fun trying to follow me and walk like the animal in the picture

  • Thank you!

    What a great idea to keep the kids moving in a fun way!

  • Great stuff!!!

    This is the perfect, visual and quick addition to my preschool classroom – to keep kids moving and active – developing their gross motor skills and making it a fun and learning experience at the same time!

  • Great ideas!

    Thank you for providing this handy resource for no cost to families

  • Great Poster

    Great poster! Found it on Pinterest and loved it. Thanks so much

  • Love it!

    Catchy and colourful ideal for lockdown

  • great resource

    colourful, easy to read, great to give to kids and parents to understand

  • HIIT Workout

    Thanks for the poster! We printed it and put it on the wall to remind us to do it, and put on fun music. My 4-year-old daughter loves it!

  • Link broken, won’t download

    I was so excited to download this poster for my kids but the link isn’t working. So disappointed!

    • Hey – Sorry about the trouble with the link! I just sent you an e-mail and attached the PDF download of the workout directly to the email for you. I hope you like it.

  • Very coloy

    Love this poster. Easy for kids to understand. Have also had vision teacher ask about this poster as she loved the bright colors for her low vision students!

  • Animal Exercises Creative and Fun!

    I plan to use this as part of a SeeSaw activity to help kids get moving!

  • Colourful and engaging

    Love the resource. Straight forward, and students can do on their own to regulate.

  • 7 minute HIIT Poster

    Love the animal reference exercises and all the color!

  • 7 Minute workout poster

    Excellent and lots of fun. Thank you

  • Much needed resource for us in thee unprecedented times...

    I loved this useful resource. I have put one up in all my pre-school rooms and intend to email it out to families next week who are home and wanting to access some good physical resources to keep their kids busy.
    Thank you

  • Fun!

    Fun and inviting activities for an active child !

  • Awesome material

    Loved it. I included as a packet of send home stuff. The descriptions are very helpful so that the students can figure out how to do each one if we had never done it in class. Thanks!

  • Kids 7 Minute HIIT Workout Poster

    We love this warm up in the morning! Gets our blood pumping and brains working before breakfast. Works great with an interval timer app on your phone. Only thing is, there’s a misprint on one of them (I think under the gorilla?) where it should say “feet” and says something else. Oh, well.

  • Kids 7min Hiit

    Fantastic! And great instructions

  • Great Resource

    This is wonderful! Great way to keep kids moving and burn off excess energy during COVID 19 quarantine. Thanks so much!

  • 7 Minute HIIT poster

    Shared it with the 4-6 year olds to do at home while the pre school is closed. I trust that they enjoyed the activity. I think it is great!

  • P E teacher

    Love the poster and my students will too.

  • 7 min Hiit workout for kids

    I used this as a part of my virtual learning. While I shared it on my screen during a class zoom meeting, the children and I did the workout!! They loved it! THANK YOU!

  • Kids 7 Minute HIIT Workout Poster

    This was great. I included it in packets that were sent home to our students to use while schools are closed. They can also access it through the internet. Pictures are a tremendous help, both for the student as well as their parents.

  • This is very interesting

    This is really informative to help us understand children s behaviour how to help them regulate and the science about it

  • Eye Catching

    This is eye catching, effective and well explained – just what a teacher needs!

  • This is a great brain break for our little ones. When we are having a hard time and cant settle down, these exercises really do work. The children love doing them and it great to hear their laughter as we are trying to do them.

  • Teacher

    Great resource!

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