Blog Income Report – September

blog income reportSeptember 30th marked the end of my second month blogging and it was an exciting month for sure. I am going to give you an overview of what I accomplished, how I accomplished it, and share my blog income report with you. I have decided to share this information each month so I can openly set goals for myself and reflect on the month.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase through one of these links. I ONLY recommend products and services that I am using myself, and love.

September 2017 Stats

The following is just a quick over view of some of the main stats I have been monitoring on my blog over the last month.

Page Views – 19,715 (compared to 6835 in August)

E-mail Subscribers – 189 (compared to 0 in August)


Pinterest Monthly Views – 262,458 (compared to 115 000 in August)


So as you can see, my page views and stats have grown enormously over the past month, and I never imagined my blog would reach this many people in only two months but I am proud of myself and ready to push it further and continue to improve.

In addition to this, one of my blog posts  was re-published on Scary Mommy. This was exciting but it did not bring in much extra traffic – which I had expected it to. However, having my post published is also great for SEO. Consequently, since the post was published on Sept. 17th I have had 50 sessions from organic searches (compared to 20 in August). This is still small but I’m striving to keep this number growing. I purchased an SSL certificate this month, upgrading my site to https protocol. Google favors HTTPS-encrypted websites and will push them higher in search results. It also protects all my visitors information.

Okay, on to the juicy stuff ..

Blog Income Report

In August I made $66.40. So, How did September compare?

Google AdSense : $73.73

Chitika: $10.00 (note: I closed my chitika account this month, I was not seeing the results I wanted and I think I can earn more money from google adsense if I do not have chitika’s ads on my page, too)

Amazon: $35.94

ShareASale: $1.87

Total September Income : $121.54 

So although the income on my blog income report is still small, it has doubled since August. I am aiming for a 25% increase each month, so my goal for October is to make $152.

October Goals

In October I hope to get atleast 15,000 page views, but my main goal is increase my CTR on affiliate links and earn more income. I am hoping to learn about e-mail marketing and start creating newsletters for my subscribers. I want to get atleast 30 more subscribers and continue to grow my reach on pinterest to 325,000.

I’m also going to go over some of my old posts and update (improve them).

Now, the real question you want the answer to:

How did I get nearly 20k page views as a newbie blogger?

I have two amazing e-books to credit for my success. These books could help anyone!

  1. Pinning for Page Views – This book was written by Caroline who blogs at Swaddles n’ Bottles . I read her book in August, and dabbled in it a tad, but I really started following her advice in September. I signed up for Tailwind which has been an amazing tool for scheduling posts on Instagram and I highly recommend it, and I began following Caroline’s advice to a T.This book has really helped me to understand how Pinterest works and how to get the most out of it. It taught me how to make a pin that people will actually want to click on, what time of day to pin my pin to get the most impressions on it, how to schedule my pins over multiple group boards with an interval so I don’t look spammy. Everything is described in such a simple, easy to follow way. There really is a science to using Pinterest and once you know it, anyone can use Pinterest to drive thousands of people to their blog/website.After you purchase the book you can also join the private Basics of Blogging Facebook group and get your questions answered personally. The group has been an extremely valuable resource to me.
  2. Pinterest Ninja  – This as my second e-book purchase. I bought this one at the beginning of September and it’s awesome. This book is SO MUCH MORE  than a book on Pinterest. It literally has priceless information on blogging, branding, creating your own image and promoting yourself. I really buckled down on my branding after reading this and it has made such a HUGE difference. I didn’t know it was so important before. I thought as long as I was sticking my logo on all my images that I was fine. I was so wrong.Pinterest Ninja has tons of group boards and Facebook groups you can join to promote your blog, and thanks to this I was able to join 8 more group boards this month. There are also printables for scheduling your week and keeping track of what threads and groups you’re involved in. Plus, over 100 design images to download and use on your graphics. Once you purchase this book you get all updates for free for life. The book has already had 2 updates since I bought it. So honestly, don’t sit on this – buy it now before more is added to it and the price increases.

I promise you that with the right techniques, anyone can bring thousands of viewers to their blog. Follow along with me and watch what I do in October 😉



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